My Amazon List of Must Have Items!

Like most of you, I got Amazon Prime as a trial when I needed something shipped right away. But also like most of you, I found that I couldn’t live without it! Now I literally Amazon Prime anything and everything — the mailman recognizes and knows me. So as a huge fan, I thought I’d compile a list of my favourites and must haves. Click on the photo to link to the product. Leave a comment if you have a question or something to add!

As a Realtor:

Lock/Key De-Icer

For all those Realtors out there still using hot water to open lockboxes in the winter, please dont’! This makes it extremely hard for the next person to open the lockbox as it freezes the lockbox even worse afterwards. This is probably the best tool out there for Realtors in the winter. Get yours on Amazon or Dollarama or any hardware store.

Monkey / Gorilla Hooks

I almost don’t want to share this because they’re so amazing and makes me feel like I have an edge of everyone else. This saves so much time, money and messes! It makes a pinhole size hole in the whole and they’re completely reuseable which is great for staging. No tools required!

For My Eco-Friendly Side:

Reusable Produce Bags

These were one of my first switches when I first decided to go eco-friendly. It was so annoying to have all these clear plastic bags and have not gone back since I discovered this! Just throw your regular produce in here and re-use and wash as necessary!


This product is great because it replaces traditional single use zip lock bags. They’re made out of silicon so you can add heat and sous vide with them too!

Wool Dryer Sheets

Just throw them in instead of dryer sheets! You can even get scented ones that make your clothes smell like lavender.

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