Choosing the right Realtor is important.

Listing Services – An unparalleled program designed to execute a successful transaction:

  1. Identification of the seller’s goals and expectations; translation of criteria into a favourable sale.

  2. Maximize market exposure through marketing strategies in a variety of areas including home staging and utilizing the latest technologies

  3. Education of industry news, market conditions and real estate process for an informed decision and smooth execution

  4. Leverage expertise in sales and skilled negotiation tactics to ensure interests are protected and risks are mitigated in the home selling process

  5. Commitment to exceptional service with on-going real estate support and long-term client relationships

What is your Realtor doing for you?

What type of marketing tactics are they using?

Are they getting you market exposure?

Less than 1% of homes sell because of an open house. Are they bringing qualified home buyers or just an average joe off the street? Showings can be disruptive so make sure your Realtor is working with you to bring qualified buyers and that showings suit your schedule. It could be frustrating when a property is on the market for an extended period of time. Is an extra month on the market worth an extra 1% in the selling price? They don’t get paid until the property sells!

Signing with a good Realtor protects you from any potential damage or incidents that may happen. Make sure they have your best interests in mind that they you are a priority. Real Estate contracts can be complex and confusing so your Realtor should be explaining it to you and answering any questions you may have. Know your rights and responsibilities! Be aware of what you are signing beforehand as it could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs later. Some people will have their lawyer review Agreement of Purchase and Sale documents before they sign to ensure their best interests are taken care of.

Problems that delay closing – issues may arise relating to lenders, inspectors, lawyers or service providers which may hold up closing. Make sure that all necessary steps are taken in early to ensure that there are no last minute surprises! It is a good idea to have an open line of communication with your Realtor so that they can keep track and follow up with anyone lagging behind.

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